The Protuner

From analog to fully digital GUI configurable engine tuner

The Protuner started out as a small analog engine tuner.

MODA took it digital. This full featured engine tuner controls fuel and ignition timing, can modify and recurve sensor inputs, including tunable sensor overrun limits and clamps. It contains a powerful freescale CPU and a unique configurable analog front end that can handle both hall effect and magnetic/inductive speed sensors. Rock solid hardware with fail safe peak and hold injector drivers and capacitive discharge ignition control.

The MODA designed and coded GUI interface and tuning screen supports real time updates with the engine running. No waiting for slow downloads. MODA created a unique “cross hair” active cell identifier so that the tuner can readily see where the engine is operating on the load/rpm curve. Logging, overlays, rolling road dyno function, group cell edits and smoothing, it’s all there.

MODA – we can help.